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Idries Shah and Sufi-related PDF documents

idries shah

Account of the Sarmoun Brotherhood by Major Desmond R. Martin. 9 pages, 48kB. Edition 1

PDFsDeclaration of the People of the Tradition and Twenty-two Principles by Idries Shah. 13 pages, 57kB. Edition 1

First Statement: From The Diffusion of Sufi Ideas in the West, edited by Leonard Lewin. 12 pages, 120kB. Edition 1

First Year Studies: notes in response to 'Learning How to Learn.' 11 pages, 63kB. Edition 1

A Gnat's Weight: From 'The Diffusion of Sufi Ideas in the West.' 6 pages, 38kB. Edition 1

Grand Sheikh of the Sufis: Human Behavior article. 19 pages, 87kB. Edition 1

Idries Shah Addresses “New alpha”: Notes on an address to class leaders. 21 pages, 256kB. Edition 2, now with an excellent introduction by Martin Mathieson

Notes on a Meeting with Idries Shah: Notes on a letter reporting a meeting with Idries Shah in the early days. 5 pages, 45kB. Edition 1

One Pair of Eyes: Dreamwalkers: Transcript of 'One Pair of Eyes: Dreamwalkers' by Idries Shah. 25 pages, 146kB. Edition 1

The video is now available on YouTube on Idries Shah's YouTube channel. There is a convenient playlist for the ten parts of the documentary. Also check out the the official Idries Shah Facebook page for news and new editions of his books.

The Philosophy of Developmental Change: A 1976 introduction to the Philosophy of Developmental Change (PDC), by DWG. 9 pages, 172kB. Edition 1

Sufi Texts: Awakening by Idries Shah. 14 pages, 53kB. Edition 1

The Sufi Tradition: Psychology Today article (originally entitled The Shah of Sufis). 29 pages, 174kB. Edition 1

The Teaching Story: Observations on the Folklore of Our 'Modern' Thought by Idries Shah. 12 pages, 193kB. Edition 1

The Wisdom of Sufic Humor: Human Nature article by Idries Shah. 16 pages, 68kB. Edition 1

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